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Stepping Forth With the End Not in Mind

The conventional advice, “Begin with the end in mind“, definitely has its limitations. Yes, if you set out to learn one blatt of gemara today, or to run 3 miles, begin the day with the end in mind. Opening a business that will grow and be successful, however, is a different story. One can never […]

From Kollel to Business…with a Partner

When kollel yungeliet leave kollel to form their own businesses, they invariably do so with a partner. Almost never do you find a new business in Lakewood opened with just one owner. And most frum owned businesses are started the same way. Given that many partnerships don’t end nicely, why do we continue to open […]

Its Not Only Real Estate Anymore

It was only a few years ago that the dominant business in Lakewood was all real estate related. Prices all over the country, and especially in Lakewood, were appreciating 25%+ a year, and everyone wanted a piece of the pie. Rich people, poor people, wanna-bees, and hopefuls, were all jumping in head first to the […]

The Economic Crash and the Rebirth

It was only 2 years ago when the economy crashed. Until then everything (seemed) good, people had money, kollelim were well funded (sort of), and married children were being supported without (apparent) difficulty. But then everything came crashing down. First it was just Bear Stearns & Lehman Brothers, then it was the stock market, then […]

You Have to Say a Chiddush

When you are trying to get noticed in the beis medrash, you have to say a chiddush, a really bomb chiddush. The more off-the-top it is, the better it is, as long as you can (attempt) to back it up with proofs. But if all you have to offer is the same reid that’s been […]

The Hairs Breadth of Excellence

Some of the fears associated with leaving kollel is the fear of being unsuccessful in your chosen career path. Sure, there are plenty of business success stories out there, but the pessimist in you doesn’t associate those success stories with something that you could be capable of being. If others could do it, why couldn’t […]

Help Others Without Giving Money

This week, 2 incidents proved to me how helping poeple can be easily achieved without costing you a penny. A friend of mine who is going through a “career change”, is looking to get involved in a business that provides services to very specific kinds of businesses. Because the program is only of use to […]

If Everything is Made in China…

…Then how do we make our money? Everything is made in China. From cars to chairs, computers to pianos. Boats arrive to our docks full of pallets of merchandise, and return to China empty. If everything is being made by the Chinese people, where do we make our money from? The US economy is powered […]

Defining a Business from the Outset

When you start out in business, it can be very tempting to just take any work that comes your way. All those who have started out without a security cushion (read: rich parents to fall back on) know the feeling of wondering if there will be enough money for food this month. When a job […]

Day # 8 (and beyond): Back to Routine?

Every year it seems that we go through the same routine. Cry our heads off during viduy, promise to do better, and then life comes back to routine. Is there any meaning to all of it, if on Tuesday morning we all go back to our old selves? The truth is that there is hardly […]