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Law is his Career, Wine is his Passion

An old acquaintance of mine recently became unemployed. He is an attorney by profession. But today, being a lawyer in NYC does not present very good income opportunities. He walks around with drooped shoulders and the defeated look of a man that seems worn out from his current situation. His passion though, is not for law. One of […]

Is Day Trading a Good Parnossa for Post-Kollel?

A few days ago I got an email asking if day trading is a good opportunity to go into for those looking to leave kollel. Obviously, the draw towards day trading is that the barrier to entry is low – anyone with a few bucks and a computer can get in. Stories abound about those […]

In the New Economy, A Ben Torah has Better Training

For years we have been led to believe that those who push through the difficult courses in college are the ones to “make it big”. But in the new economy things are very different. Doctors face huge uncertainty with all that is going on with healthcare, and lawyers are finding it very difficult to get […]

How a 20 Yr. Old Yeshiva Guy Gets $100k Job With No Education

I was recently speaking to a friend of mine who is does very well in the various businesses he oversees. He told me how he got started in business at the young age of 20. At the time, he was working in a yeshiva doing odd jobs, never having been the biggest masmid. He was […]

A Bit of Resume Creativity

When seeking a job, one of the first things a person is told to do is create a resume. If you are a yeshiva guy or coming out of kollel, that resume usually doesn’t look too pretty. Most of the time, you have no degree to speak of (other than the bogus BTLs, which most […]

Lessons From a Chassidish Computer Whiz

I recently had my computers serviced by a chassidishe fellow from Boro Park who does computers. Not only did he know what he was doing, he was more knowledgeable than the technicians from the software companies that he spoke to on the phone while working on our systems. Microsoft makes a very sophisticated and powerful […]

Successful at Business Without Degrees?

The parshiyos of the building of the miskan are very inspiring to those seeking to leave the confines of the beis medrash and enter the working world. To build the mishkan, the Yidden were entrusted with highly skilled work work of which they had no prior experience, yet they were able to produce a finished […]

I’m Sorry, But You Can’t Even Buy a Shteler

A shocking story straight out of Lakewood: Rabbi S., who helps match kollel yungerleit with appropriate positions, tells of the phone call he received from a wealthy person whose son-in-law was learning in Lakewood for many years with no end in sight. He asked Rabbi S. to please find his son-in-law a respectable position, and […]

Career Advice From My Mechanic

The other day I learned a valuable career lesson while at the mechanic. My car was acting up, and I brought it in for repair. At first, the mechanic wasn’t sure what the problem was. He did notice a small leak and said he would fix that, but he seemed unsure as to what was […]

“But I Don’t Know the First Thing About…”

Learning in kollel does not generally prepare you for any particular career path, unlike a lawyer, doctor, or engineer. The lack of college degree presents two problems: A lack of credentials for prospective employers, and A lack of the practical knowledge needed to perform the job at hand. Most people, when faced with the first […]