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So Many Candidates but No One to Choose

I just heard about a well established yeshiva looking for a high school rebbe. The current rebbe is set to leave next year after many years of teaching, and there is a lot of pressure to find a suitable replacement in time to calm the parents and the talmidim who are choosing mesivtas for the […]

The Riverdale Rosh Yeshiva Sets an Example

This point was already made a way back, but is so powerful that it must be repeated. A week ago, the Telshe Alumni of Riverdale yeshiva held its 30th Anniversary dinner at the Tarrytown Hilton. There are many yeshivas that hold annual dinners, and there are quite a few that have made it to 30 […]

Do We Really Need Another Yeshiva on the Garden State Parkway?

A friend of mine told of a story that happened with his younger brother-in-law who was learning in a yeshiva high school in Lakewood that did not have a beis medrash. These bochurim were the target of the dozens of “wannabe rosh yeshivas”  who saw them as prime candidates for their “yeshiva”. This bochur was […]

Where is the Shortage Exactly? (It’s not what you’d think…)

There are probably no official statistics, but if someone were to calculate a total of all new chinuch positions that were created this year and subtract the positions that were eliminated, there is most likely a net loss this year. For the first time in decades, there were more chinuch positions lost due to firings […]

Reality Check for Maggid Shiur Wannabes

As the summer bein hazmanim winds down into its final few days, and Elul is just around the corner, many are thinking about returning to yet another year of kollel without a shteler. Yes, there were the lucky few who managed to secure a job of some kind, be it a morning mesivta maggid shiur, […]

Yes! I Got a Shteler for Next Year

Much if not all of success stories are attributable to a lucky break. This is true in business, but if you are in chinuch, this is so very true. Many of the newly ordained rabbeim that will be teaching our children next year in classrooms all over the country, are first finidng out the good […]

Rabbeim, Stick to What You Are Good At

As the economy trails along, many schools are forced to cut back on their staff of Rebbeim, leaving many of them out of a job. The only thing more devastating for a Rebbe that is out of a job, is a Rebbe who then takes a job he is not well suited for just because […]

Out Of Town May Be the Answer If…

It comes a point in many kollel yungerleit’s lives that they consider the choice of “going out of town”. Surely, they think, there are kollelim out of town that are dying to get “solid guys” who are willing to pay “good money” just to have the privilege of me learning in their midst. Wrong. Having […]

Looking for a “Shteler” = Not an Escape

If you are sincerley looking to be a Rebbe in a yeshiva, and that the mere thought of teaching talmidim Torah makes you want to smile, this post is not for you. Go for it – our children need Rebbeim like that. But when people who are looking to escape from kollel seek a “shteler” […]