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46 Year Old Yungerman Loses His Kollel

It’s always heartbreaking when you hear the story of a 46 year old father of 8 getting laid off from his job. But in this case, what is heartbreaking is the person’s response. This fellow was a member of a kollel that recently closed. He was part of the kollel from when it started, and […]

Waking up Too Late?

We are taught early on the importance of learning torah, and that leads us to believe that all we should do is learn, while ignoring the realities of life. But what happens when one wakes up from his stupor and it’s too late? As a person in business, I wake up each day with my […]

What Do You Not Know How to Do?

As bein hazmanim rolls around, I want you to ask yourself the question, “What don’t I know how to do?” Every man learning in kollel, without exception, uses this time to ostensibly “get ready” for yom tov. This includes fixing things around the house, finding interesting places to go on vacation, even dabble a bit […]

42 Years Old and No Job – What Should He Do?

The following encounter happens so often these days. A friend of mine who is in his 40′s and his children are rapidly approaching shidduchim asked me what I think he should go into. He learned in kollel many years, and now does odd jobs around a yeshiva where he earns a pittance. He tried like […]

Leaving the Tayva

After the Mabul was over, Hashem had to command Noah to leave the Tayva. Not only that, he was told to tell the animals to go out onto the world, if they would refuse to do so take them out by force. Why would they want to stay? The answer is simple: They were simply […]

If You Want to Stay in Learning…

There are many who learn in kollel that put aside learning for a few weeks (or months) to do seasonal jobs, such as lifeguarding or head counseloring in the summers. Some yungerleit are involved in selling esrogim, and others become a mashgiach for pesach in a hotel. Why is this kind of activity permitted and […]

An Abundance of Torah Options

In the olden days of 20-30 years ago, learning in kollel “long term” offered very few options. Historically, a kollel was formed an extension of a yeshiva, which is geared primarily towards the lomdus of noshim & nezikin. After a few years, one would begin to feel a lack of satisfaction in continuing to learn […]

Is Kollel Holding You Back From Leaving?

“Started with nothing and became a multi millionaire.” You’ve heard this phrase many times, and often it is said about people that you are intimately familiar with. So many holocaust survivors came to this country with less than nothing – no family, no money, totally unfamiliar with the new country and its language – yet […]

Aaron Kotler Lakewood Interview

Recently, Mishpacha magazine interviewed Rabbi Aaron Kotler, the CEO of Lakewood yeshiva. He discussed how the Jewish (frum) community of Lakewood has grown drastically over the past 25 years, which he credited much of it to the work of his father Rav Shneur Kotler. He also spoke about the current economic environment, how former talmidim […]

Don’t Fight the System

Some of my readers consider the topic of this site controversial. As such, I tend to get lots of email that is critical of my viewpoints. As is typical with anonymous emails, many of them are written without much intelligence, and as such I don’t even bother replying to them. However, I do occasionally get […]