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Path to the Exit – Part 1

Transitioning out of kollel into the world can be a very difficult and challenging time for everyone. What is the best way to do so, limiting the pain and anguish that is often felt during this period? Having done this before and seeing many others through the process, here are the steps to follow that […]

A Kollel Revolution is Brewing

Imagine if a situation would unfold where life in our society would become dramatically altered as we now know it, and people began to stir.¬†As the economic difficulties drag on for extended periods, no more do imporverished families continue to agree supporting sons-in-law in kollel. At the same time, thousands of single girls grow tired […]

Are Kollel Guys “Bench Kvetchers”?

In his weekly column for Mishpacha magazine, R’ Yonason Rosenblum wrote how he was appalled at hearing someone apply the term “bench kvetchers” to many of those learning in kollel today. His response: There can never be too much ameilus baTorah. Even those never destined to become maggedei shiur are a great value, and not […]

Don’t Fight the System

Some of my readers consider the topic of this site controversial. As such, I tend to get lots of email that is critical of my viewpoints. As is typical with anonymous emails, many of them are written without much intelligence, and as such I don’t even bother replying to them. However, I do occasionally get […]

What to Do (and not to do) When Asking to Leave Kollel

Many people feel that leaving kollel is something that needs to be discussed first with a Rov, Rosh Yeshiva or the like. And they should, especially since this is a major decision in their life. No one should be in the position of making such an important decision without first seeking proper guidance. However, one […]

If I Was Not Learning in Kollel…

Would I stop whatever I was doing and join kollel? This is a question you should constantly be asking yourself if you are in kollel. Being in kollel means forgoeing the usual responsibilities most men are faced with – supporting their wife and children, and placing that burden on others. Yes, the burden is shifted […]

Day # 8 (and beyond): Back to Routine?

Every year it seems that we go through the same routine. Cry our heads off during viduy, promise to do better, and then life comes back to routine. Is there any meaning to all of it, if on Tuesday morning we all go back to our old selves? The truth is that there is hardly […]

Fridays, Early Mornings, and End of Zman Diehards

Here is a sure way to tell who is learning in kollel and loving it – come to any kollel on a Friday morning 10:00, and take a look around to see who is there. The difference between someone who shows up at 9:30 or 10:00 is not just a half hour a day (which […]

The Lust to Be in Power

It’s a real thing. People love being in control. Some people who you’d think have it all have demonstrated that being in power is the ultimate desire. We can’t understand it, because we don’t have that kind of money. But apparently for those who do, all the money doesn’t provide happiness. Only being in control, […]

Loving What You Do: Starting The New Z’man

Let’s face it: Most successful people love what they do. It’s almost impossible to throw oneself into something that you hate doing. And its almost impossible to be successful without throwing yourself into it. What is success? It’s not measured in dollars or fame. Success is defined by Chazal as being the ultimate blessing – […]