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Successful at Business Without Degrees?

The parshiyos of the building of the miskan are very inspiring to those seeking to leave the confines of the beis medrash and enter the working world. To build the mishkan, the Yidden were entrusted with highly skilled work work of which they had no prior experience, yet they were able to produce a finished […]

Which Son is Yonason Rosenblum More Proud Of?

In a recent column in Mishpacha, Yonason Rosenblum wrote glowingly about his son Yechezkel who learns a few hours in the morning, and repairs major appliances the rest of the day. This is an a quote of what he responded to a questioner if he was indeed successful with his children: “Yes, baruch Hashem, my […]

Tu Bshvat – A Multitude of Choices

It’s Tu B’shvat, and the choices are endless. No, not the choices of fruit to eat. It’s the opening of the freezer in Lakewood, when the fresh batch of bochurim are free to date at last. Of course, the negotiations have been ongoing for months, and by now every eligible bochur in Lakewood has at […]

NY Times Article on Kollel Stipends in Eretz Yisroel

I recently came across this article in the NY Times about a frum member of the knesset – Chaim Amsallem, who publicly announced that the Israeli government should stop subsidizing full time kollel and instead encourage them to work. He was publicly criticized and ridiculed for his comments, and even ousted from the Shas party […]

Where is the Shortage Exactly? (It’s not what you’d think…)

There are probably no official statistics, but if someone were to calculate a total of all new chinuch positions that were created this year and subtract the positions that were eliminated, there is most likely a net loss this year. For the first time in decades, there were more chinuch positions lost due to firings […]

Starting a Business from the Ground Up

Kollel guys looking to go work don’t have the wealth of choices that are available to most American college grads entering the work force. A college grad however, has many choices. Most of them will start their careers by using their degree to get themselves a “starter job”, which they hope to use as a […]

Son Apologizes for His Dead Father Not Learning in Kollel

If I wouldn’t have seen it myself, I would not believe it. I recently attended the levaya of the father of one of my friends back in yeshiva, who was tragically niftar at the young age of 61 after suffering from cancer. He was a person that loved to learn Torah, and devoted many hours […]

Don’t Even Know Where to Begin

I received a letter from a concerned aunt of a 30 year old Lakewood yungerman. She wrote: How is a young man of 30 to leave kollel when all he can do is work in a very menial job, when he has little English skills, a bit of arithmetic, and no experience in dealing with […]

Day # 8 (and beyond): Back to Routine?

Every year it seems that we go through the same routine. Cry our heads off during viduy, promise to do better, and then life comes back to routine. Is there any meaning to all of it, if on Tuesday morning we all go back to our old selves? The truth is that there is hardly […]

Day # 4 – Relationship with Friends & Relatives

Leaving kollel invariably will cause a stir amongst your friends, neighbors, acquaintances, and relatives. Its not every day that a serious learner picks himself up and goes out to work. During these Aseres Yemei Tshuva, you should make it a point to decide how to deal with all this gossip and incredulous stares that you […]