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Path to the Exit – Part 5

Once one has decided on a career path, how do you go about finding an actual opportunity? Believe it or not, this is actually the easy part. The difficult part is figuring out what to do, the easy part is finding where to do it. Opportunities exist everywhere in the frum market, you just need […]

Path to the Exit – Part 4

Once you have established what professions you will not be entering, its time to start investigating what kinds of opportunities are available to you as a kollel graduate. I know there will be many readers who think the situation is helpless, and they have already spoken out in the comments, but the truth is very […]

Path to the Exit – Part 3

What to do when you will leave kollel? Discover what you will do by eliminating what you will not be doing. This question needs to be answered, of course. It sounds like a weighty problem, but it can be made easier by process of elimination. First exclude categories of career paths that you will not […]

Path to the Exit – Part 2

After you’ve really decided that it’s time to leave, now comes the hard part. Telling other people, and asking for their help. Breaking the news to others seems very hard to do. There is a false feeling of failure when you tell them you are leaving kollel. Really though, the challenge is not over, it […]