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Zev Wolfson’s Important Lesson

In the many glorious articles written about Mr. Wolfson, much has been written about his quiet and unassuming support of hundreds of Torah mosdos around the world. But one story I heard has not gotten the attention it deserves. Joey Felsen runs the kollel in Palo Alto, California. He is a grandson-in-law of Mr. Wolfson. […]

Life Without Risk…

…equals a life without reward. The only investments that are risk-free, are paying 0.04% interest. For something to grow, you have to be willing to risk it. The same is true with people. If you want them to produce, you need to introduce risk. The best way to motivate an employee is if they know […]

Waking up Too Late?

We are taught early on the importance of learning torah, and that leads us to believe that all we should do is learn, while ignoring the realities of life. But what happens when one wakes up from his stupor and it’s too late? As a person in business, I wake up each day with my […]

Life Lessons from Chanuka

A lesson we can all take away from the story of Chanuka: How a few Macabbim were able to rout the entire Greek army was certainly a miracle. But hidden beneath all the glory is a troubling mystery – What were they thinking? How could Mattisyahu and his sons even imagine they¬†would possibly¬†succeed? If they […]

Escaping the Harsh Realities of the Shidduch Crisis

The shidduch crisis and the kollel crisis share many things in common. The shidduch crisis is clearly a result of a numbers problem – the age gap between the boys and girls creates a situation where there are a surplus of girls and a shortage of boys. (This video explains it well.) The kollel crisis […]

Tisha B’av – Lack of Vision

The destruction of the beis hamikdash is not just what we lost on this day. We also lost our connection to Hashem. Prior to this day, when we were confused or unsure about things, the nevi’im sent us messages – sometimes in great detail – which described what we were doing wrong, and how we […]

How a 20 Yr. Old Yeshiva Guy Gets $100k Job With No Education

I was recently speaking to a friend of mine who is does very well in the various businesses he oversees. He told me how he got started in business at the young age of 20. At the time, he was working in a yeshiva doing odd jobs, never having been the biggest masmid. He was […]

Lessons From a Chassidish Computer Whiz

I recently had my computers serviced by a chassidishe fellow from Boro Park who does computers. Not only did he know what he was doing, he was more knowledgeable than the technicians from the software companies that he spoke to on the phone while working on our systems. Microsoft makes a very sophisticated and powerful […]

Doing Alot But Accomplishing Nothing

There is only one type of pleasure that results in a lasting satisfaction. It’s not the taste of a good steak or a fine wine, and it’s not the vacation of a lifetime. Lasting pleasure comes only from “enjoying the fruits of your labor”. Dovid Hamelech writes it in Tehilim, and Chazal explain that the […]

The Path to Success is a Secert

It seems that the world is obsessed with discovering the “secrets” to becoming successful. Books, websites, radio commercials, and online programs all promise to show you the path to glorious riches and “proven success”. Obviously, many of us are out there buying this information thinking they can find the secret that will make all the […]