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Dulling Yourself to the Pain of Accepting Help

There used to be a shame or guilt associated with accepting help from other people. Actually, it’s something that we recite every day in benching – “And may we not come to the need of others, not for the the presents of mortals nor their loans, only for the good of Your hand…”. The seforim […]

Dealing With (Irrational) Fear

An often expressed feeling about leaving kollel is the fear of not making enough money in the beginning to support your family. This fear is usually unjustfied, becasue if you were able to make it before leaving kollel, when working you should certainly be able to make it. For the typical yungerman in Lakewood yeshiva, […]

Can There Be Excellence Without Motivation?

In today’s highly competitive marketplace, mediocre is no longer tolerated. No longer can factory workers make a decent living by doing a mediocre job of creating mediocre products. That was the problem with the Big 3 automakers in the early 80′s. While they were mass-producing ho-hum cars in so many different flavors, the Japanese were […]

True Bitachon vs. The Government

Those in kollel are used to hearing the speech how those who rely on Hashem and devote themselves exclusively to Torah will have all their needs provided for without any need for hishtadlus or to go work. More often than not, the words of the Rambam at the end of Shmitta V’Yovel are used to […]

A Better Way than Kollel Checks

After devoting many posts to the problems with the current system of kollel checks, its time to come up with some suggestions. Many would just say, “Let’s abolish the whole check in its entirety.” However, its usually a far better suggestion to come up with creative new ways of doing things instead of just abolishing […]

Redefining the Kollel Check

A friend once remarked, “A yeshiva is ironic in that at first you have to pay to attend it, but then it suddenly turns around and pays you.” Why do we pay to attend yeshiva as a bochur? Because running a yeshiva costs money. Food, salaries, maintenance, seforim, insurance, and administration costs money. Tuition is […]

BMG Kollel Check – How Much Longer?

The problems with the kollel check given by Lakewood yeshiva can be summed up in 3 short sentences: It’s a small amount of money (not enough to make a difference) It’s given to too many people (it costs too much) It produces no return (the money doesn’t grow) The first two points have already been […]

Beis Medrash Govoha Kollel Check: Time to Say Goodbye?

The largest kollel in America is without a doubt is Lakewood’s Beis Medrash Govoha. According to the official numbers, there are over 6,000 kollel yungerleit who spend their days learning there. Some, but not all of the chavrei hakollel, receive a kollel check in return for their learning in the yeshiva. This costs the yeshiva […]

Administrator of Bais Yakov Tells Father to Leave Kollel

In these difficult economic times, yeshivos and schools are feeling the pain of no money, and are doing everything they can to raise sorely needed funds. In other words, that translates to them being tougher on tuition collection. But nothing can excuse the behavior of one Bais Yaakov administrator. In the course of discussing tuition […]

Response to Mishpacha Magazine’s Goldmines Story

Mishpacha magazine (order a copy by clicking here) just ran a story called Goldmines that got many people all fired up. The story is almost predictable. A mother of 3 “top” boys wants only the best for her sons, after all, they are great masmidim and budding talmidei chachamim. She marries them all off to […]