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Shavuos – What’s the Party All About?

I recently came across a beautiful vort that explains the yom tov of Shavuos so well, and the powerful lesson that can be learned from it, so I will share it here. In the times of the second beis hamikdash, the baysusim would spare no effort to manipulate the testimony of the new moon for […]

The Truth About Shavuos and Matan Torah

Much like the “yom tov” of Lag B’aomer which has been hijacked byfrom it’s true meaning – the day when the talmidim of Rebbe Akiva stopped dying – so too has the Yom Tov of Shavuos been hijacked by zealous kanaim from it’s true meaning. The Torah doesn’t ever mention that Shavuos is a celebration […]

Yonason Rosenblum: A Job is More Productive Than Kollel

Did Yonason Rosenblum write those words in his Mishpacha magazine column? Well, he did not write those exact words, but he did say this: In the world of learning, there are few measures of progress or tests. The only demarcation is between yeshivah and kollel, and the difference is not that great. Pressure must be […]

Should Kollel Only Be for the Superstars?

As kollel becomes more challenging to finance, the thought has been floated that kollel should only be for the super talented, while the “regular” people who would never make it “big” should go out to work and support those who their learning is “worth it”. YU’s Kollel Elyon is founded on this very idea, similar […]

If You Want to Stay in Learning…

There are many who learn in kollel that put aside learning for a few weeks (or months) to do seasonal jobs, such as lifeguarding or head counseloring in the summers. Some yungerleit are involved in selling esrogim, and others become a mashgiach for pesach in a hotel. Why is this kind of activity permitted and […]

Rosh Chodesh Elul – Make this One Different

Its the Elul time of year, bein hazmanim is over, and life is back to routine – all over again. Another zman, another limud, but the same old routine. But this time, let’s try something different. Instead of allowing another zman to drift through with the same result, do something remarkable. It’s a short zman, […]

An Abundance of Torah Options

In the olden days of 20-30 years ago, learning in kollel “long term” offered very few options. Historically, a kollel was formed an extension of a yeshiva, which is geared primarily towards the lomdus of noshim & nezikin. After a few years, one would begin to feel a lack of satisfaction in continuing to learn […]

Shavuos – What Does Kabbolas HaTorah Really Mean?

Back when I learned in Lakewood Yeshiva, I remember how much was said about Shavuos being a “Kabbolas HaTorah,” up to the joyous dancing at the end of Yom Tov that lasts well into the late hours of the night. As a kollel yungerman, I was able to connect with the feeling, being able to […]

Are Kollel Guys “Bench Kvetchers”?

In his weekly column for Mishpacha magazine, R’ Yonason Rosenblum wrote how he was appalled at hearing someone apply the term “bench kvetchers” to many of those learning in kollel today. His response: There can never be too much ameilus baTorah. Even those never destined to become maggedei shiur are a great value, and not […]

BMG Kollel Check – How Much Longer?

The problems with the kollel check given by Lakewood yeshiva can be summed up in 3 short sentences: It’s a small amount of money (not enough to make a difference) It’s given to too many people (it costs too much) It produces no return (the money doesn’t grow) The first two points have already been […]