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Oorah Advice: Just Do It

In 2008, one of the questions posed by Oorah in the Auction Booklet was as follows: “We get lots of requests from other organizations to share with them some of the fundraising methods employed by Oorah which have been successful. Should we refrain from sharing this information with others, or should we do whatever we […]

Power to the People: Oorah Lets their Donors Decide

Oorah Success Strategy: Cede control to the customer, and the customer will return the favor. In their auction booklet, Oorah features a section in which they declare: “Let Our Donors Decide” on issues that matter to them. There were questions put forth on hot button subjects such as, “Would you agree to have kiruv children […]

Oorah Marketing 101: Upset Some (but not all) People

Another vital lesson that we all can learn from Oorah is to push the limits of what most people consider acceptable. They promote themselves in ways that makes many frum yeshivishe people uncomfortable. For example, they (gasp!) feature women in their CDs. They use Lipa to create a wild and rocky performance for kids all […]

At Oorah’s Auction, Everyone is Honored

What are lessons to be learned from Oorah’s Auction – and how do they apply to us? We all know that Oorah, ever since its been run by Eliyahu Mintz, has developed into a full scale marketing powerhouse, capable of bringing in tens of millions of dollars from all their operations. But what is it […]

Random Thoughts from the Oorahton

As Oorah was carrying on their annual show in which grown men act silly for the purpose of raising money for a worthy cause, I made some observations, which I present to my wonderful readers for their feedback. According to some rough calculations, Oorah raised at the very least $500,000 in the 4 hours from […]