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The Citi Field Internet Asifa – What’s Really the Point?

On Sunday, tens of thousands of yidden from all sectors will come together to Citi Field to take part in the “Kinnus Klal Yisroel” – to hear about the dangers of the internet and technology and how to deal with these issues. I too am going, and so are many others. But I also have quite a […]

Rav Mattisyahu: Why Are We Asking For Life?

During the Aseres Yemei T’shuva, we are constantly asking Hashem for life – chayim. Zochrainu L’Chaim, Bisefer Chaim, U’chsov L’Chaim… Many years ago I heard a shmuz from Rav Mattisyahu Salomon who told how a kollel yungerman approached him and asked, “Why are we so occupied with asking Hashem for Life? Why do we need […]

What to Do (and not to do) When Asking to Leave Kollel

Many people feel that leaving kollel is something that needs to be discussed first with a Rov, Rosh Yeshiva or the like. And they should, especially since this is a major decision in their life. No one should be in the position of making such an important decision without first seeking proper guidance. However, one […]

The Gedolim Speak Out Against Excessive Kollel Support

Mishpacha magazine reported this week about a meeting that was held recently in Bnei Brak by an organization called Shehasimcha Bimono. The purpose of the meeting was to try and put an end to the prohibitive demands of support made by bochurim in shidduchim from girls’ parents, such as expensive apartments in Bnei Brak and […]

Should Kollel Have Term Limits?

The debate surrounding instituting term limits is not only for politicians, but for kollel yungerleit as well. Should kollel yungerleit receiving a check from their kollel also be subject to a specific time limit, say 5 or more years? In Yeshiva Chofetz Chaim in Queens, the kollel program is a 6 year program, during which […]

Satmar Rav: Let Them Work for My G’virim

On the Yahrtzeit of the Satmar Rav ZT”L, I was reminded of a story I once heard. An American Rabbi once asked the Satmar Rav why he was against college. He replied that he didn’t feel college is a proper place for a yid to be in because of all the bad influences that are […]

Rav Mattisyahu Solomon on Leaving Kollel

The mashgiach of Lakewood Yeshiva, Rav Mattisyahu Solomon, is the natural destination for the many kollel yungerleit of the famed yeshiva to bring their issues to.  A friend of mine who left kollel at the somewhat surprising point of only 5 years related to me his experience bringing this matter before the mashgiach. As Rav […]