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New Learn/Work Kollel to Open in Detroit

In what seems to be a slowly increasing phenomenon, a Detroit kollel is seeking to recruit a few new members, but with a catch. The new members will learn in the kollel from September through May, but in the summer months they will spend their time toiling in another occupation – they will be working […]

In the New Economy, A Ben Torah has Better Training

For years we have been led to believe that those who push through the difficult courses in college are the ones to “make it big”. But in the new economy things are very different. Doctors face huge uncertainty with all that is going on with healthcare, and lawyers are finding it very difficult to get […]

Bein Hazmanim Advice to Kollel Yungeleit

Dear Kollel Yungerman, As a former kollel guy, I know how tough life can be. Money is tight, and you have to live off your parents/in-laws/wife’s generosity to support you while you spend your days and nights learning. Now is bein hazmanim, and you are “busy” getting everything together so you can go for Yom […]

Rav Chaim Kanievsky on Buying Seforim with Maaser Money

I was recently reviewing a sefer on the halachos of Maaser Kesafim dealing with the different things one can do with his maaser money. There is an opinion in halacha that allows one to purchase seforim with maaser money if he makes them available for public use. The sefer then quoted from Rav Chaim Kanievsky […]

“Sorry, But We Only Know the Best Doctors…”

Frum people generally have an obsession with using only the very best doctors. Wherever in the country a specialist is to be found, frum people will travel to them. Cleveland, Rochester, Dallas, Boston, and Los Angeles are just a few of the cities with top quality hospitals, and all of them will host many a […]

The Lust to Be in Power

It’s a real thing. People love being in control. Some people who you’d think have it all have demonstrated that being in power is the ultimate desire. We can’t understand it, because we don’t have that kind of money. But apparently for those who do, all the money doesn’t provide happiness. Only being in control, […]

Frum Publications Obsession with Kollel Life

Have you ever picked up a Yated or Mishpacha lately? It seems that these and other frum publications are obsessed with kollel and its impact on people’s lives, such as parnossah, shalom bayis, in-laws relationships, and anything else. In the Yated, the Readers Write is full of letters that are both for (hardly any) and […]

Stuck in Kollel Mediocrity

As a whole, people are obsessed with exceptionalism. Whether its Gadlus BaTorah, or lehavdil,  the world’s record holder for high diving, we glorify amazing feats accomplished by really amazing people. There is something captivating when a person, who on the surface appears to be just like you and me, is able to accomplish great feats. […]

Emotional Power of Balancing the Checkbook

There are three kinds of families in the frum world: 1) Those where the husband balances the checkbook. 2) Those where the wife balances the checkbook. 3) Those where no one balances the checkbook. My guess is that most families belong to the third group. When you balance the checkbook, every penny that gets spent […]

Do Chassidim Have a Kollel Problem?

Generally speaking, by Chassidim there is no kollel problem. They strongly believe in the novel idea that men should earn a living, and the women should stay at home with the children. However, there are signs of change. At a recent meeting of Roshei Kollel in Boro Park, there was a request by many Chassidishe […]