If I Was Not Learning in Kollel…

February 14, 2010 | Comments 1

Would I stop whatever I was doing and join kollel?

This is a question you should constantly be asking yourself if you are in kollel. Being in kollel means forgoeing the usual responsibilities most men are faced with – supporting their wife and children, and placing that burden on others. Yes, the burden is shifted to others, whether it is your wife, your father or father in law, or the community that is supporting your kollel.

If it is truly is your heartfelt desire to be in kollel, then by all means, continue doing so.

But if when you ask yourself the above question, the answer is “No”, perhaps its about time to accept upon yourself the responsibilities of life. Asking others to bear your burden is fine if you are truly committed, but when you admit that your learning in kollel is only by default, its high time for you to get out and make a life for yourself.

Live a life of purpose, not by default.

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  1. Ariel says:

    Very very very true. I think that many abreichim would say “no”, but they socially can’t

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