Is the Parnassa Expo a threat to kollel?

March 22, 2014 | Comments 0

With the upcoming Parnassa Expo expected to draw 10,000 attendees, mostly young men from Lakewood, the obvious question is being asked. Does this expo threaten the continued existence of kollel?
In truth, the gap between those who learn and work has been shrinking in recent years. Many communities within Lakewood consist of a harmonious blend of those who are learning and those who are working. The perception of a baleh bos to a kollel yungerman has changed over time to a mutual feeling of respect for one another. In the words of R’ Aaron Kotler, “Lakewood has dodged the bullet that plagues Bnei Brak (where work is considered a crime). ”
Duvi Honig deserves a big thank you for making the search for “something to do” other than learning a more positive experience instead of the negative stigma it used to be associated with.
If you are in kollel thinking what you should do with your life, please – come to the Parnassa Expo. It might take some guts, and you may feel ashamed. But you will learn a great deal while you are there. Just seeing the massive amounts of people, many of them not too different than the typical Lakewood kollel yungerman, is a very motivating experience. You’ll meet old friends and acquaintances that you never realized were involved in business. And you may even make a connection that helps you get started on your own.
Stay tuned for a recap of this great event.

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