Law is his Career, Wine is his Passion

December 29, 2012 | Comments 0

wine conissouerAn old acquaintance of mine recently became unemployed. He is an attorney by profession. But today, being a lawyer in NYC does not present very good income opportunities. He walks around with drooped shoulders and the defeated look of a man that seems worn out from his current situation.

His passion though, is not for law. One of the things that gets him most excited and worked up is the topic of kosher wine and spirits. When I met him at a recent simcha, he was carrying on a long discussion about the different kinds of kosher wines available.

Unlike most casual drinkers, he seemed to really know a thing or two about wine. He even mentioned the names of some famous people who would consult with him on the wines they should serve at various functions they were hosting.

At the same simcha, someone asked him if he thinks going to law school is a good idea. His answer was a resounding “NO”. The job prospects for newly graduating law students are so bleak that he felt no one should put themselves in that situation.

I wonder what would happen to him if he would consider utilizing his passion for a chance at developing a successful career. There are so many different ways to develop a career around wine and spirits. Obviously, opening a liquor store is one way. Another possibility is becoming a wine broker. He even mentioned how he managed to procure a large number of cases of a very rare and unique vintage while established liquor stores could only get one or two of them. Using that skill, he can become the “go-to” person that the rich and famous get their wines for special events, earning him a fat mark up. He can do exclusive winery tours in California and upstate New York, where there are a growing number of kosher wineries that would love for him to bring tourists and connoisseurs alike. He can become a kosher wine critic, where his opinion on wine and liquor is sought out by the ever-growing number of family magazines and newspapers. He can give wine tasting shows at kosher events such as Pesach hotels, cruises, business conferences (they always have cocktail hour), and at large liquor stores.

I’m willing to bet that he can build his passion into a sizable income, earning him not just more money than a typical employed lawyer makes, but also having the opportunity of a satisfying career doing something he loves and excels at.

It’s his choice. And now, while he has no job, he has nothing to lose by trying.


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