Waking up Too Late?

June 27, 2012 | Comments 2

it's not too late to find something to doWe are taught early on the importance of learning torah, and that leads us to believe that all we should do is learn, while ignoring the realities of life. But what happens when one wakes up from his stupor and it’s too late?

As a person in business, I wake up each day with my mission and goals clearly set out in front of me. I need to accomplish X, figure out Y, take care of Z. Usually, the day ends and I already have a full list for the next day and the day after. But someone learns in kollel with no end in sight, most of the time there are no goals, no objectives, and no sense of purpose. They wake up each morning dreading the day ahead, and their marriages are hanging on only because the alternative – getting divorced – is too difficult to pull off.

There is a HUGE crisis going on now in Lakewood. Hundreds, maybe even thousands of kollel yungerleit are waking up too late. They are beginning to realize that it is about time they do something productive with their lives, and that means finding a career. But finding a career, especially at age 35 or more, can be extremely difficult. Supporting a family at that stage of the game is no easy feat, even for those with a good job, let alone someone who is coming into the workforce with absolutely no skills or experience, other than claiming to be “good with numbers…”.

Listen up. If you are in this situation, all is not lost. You have to be willing to face the harsh reality that is your life, and realize that it is no one else’s fault, it’s your problem. Now that it’s your problem, you – and only you, have got to fix it. There really is no such thing as too late. Figure out what your mission is in life, and how you can bring that to the world. Decide for once, that I will do whatever is legally and ethincally proper to carry out that mission.

Businesses all over are looking for solutions to seemingly thorny problems. They will pay ANY price to resolve them. Yesterday, a rich investor contacted me about a high end property that he has no idea how to sell, and would pay an insane commission to the person that gets it sold. Today, a group of business people sat around in meeting totally stumped over what is the most effective way to sell an inexpensive device to a public that has no idea what it is or why they would have a need for it, but has the potential to bring in $10 million a year or more.

Wake up, realize where you stand, and tackle the challenge head on. Yes – you can do it. It’s not too late.

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  1. zur says:

    It is Lakewood that is the problem, not learning Torah. It is the bit that they get when they learn many Jews don’t want to be their slaves, nor see them as almighty Divine beings.
    Other yeshivas like Chaim Berlin and mir are from the start saying that people should not expect lot from the kollel check and do teach trust in God as opposed to the Lakewood opinion that since they are “astronauts” they deserve that everyone should give them what they ask.

    “Astronauts” is the exact word I heard from them as to why they should get money while everyone else should work to support them.
    This would make at least a little sense if they could in fact learn.

  2. winner says:

    I am usually impressed with the sound advice that you espouse on your blog. This time however I am a bit surprised at you. What’s the chance that an over the hill yungerman will be able to solve large corporate problems and start making $10mil a year? You are feeding into the fantasy that is a major part of the cause of the problem.

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